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Verses 2-4

Habakkuk 1:2-4. O Lord, how long shall I cry, &c. How long shall I complain unto thee of might overcoming right, and thou wilt not save or prevent it? The prophet here proposes the common objection against Providence, taken from the prosperity of the wicked, and their oppression of the righteous, which has often been a stumbling-block even to good men: see Jeremiah 12:1; Job 12:6; and Job 21:7; Psalm 37., 73. Why dost thou show me iniquity? Why hast thou caused me to live in such times of iniquity? for I see nothing but scenes of rapine, and the most unjust oppression. And there are that raise up strife, &c. Or, there is strife, and contention carries it. There is much cause for complaining, but those best skilled in the arts of contention carry the cause. Therefore the law is slacked The divine law, given us for the regulation of our conduct, hath lost its force. And judgment doth never go forth Causes remain undetermined, and justice is not duly administered. For the wicked, &c. For the wicked, by their deceitful arts, prevail against the righteous, and overpower them; therefore [rather, moreover ] wrong judgment proceedeth Not only judgment is delayed, but, what is still worse, unjust judgment is given, and causes are evidently decided in a manner quite contrary to what is equitable and just.

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