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Verse 12

Habakkuk 1:12. Art thou not, &c. Here the prophet, upon being made sensible that the king of Babylon should attribute all his victories to some false or fictitious deity, or to his own abilities, breaks out into a passionate exclamation to Jehovah, Art thou not from everlasting, O Lord my God? Art not thou he, who only hath been from everlasting; while all others that are called gods have had a beginning, and there was a time when neither they nor the men that set them up had any being? Thou, therefore, art infinitely superior, both to the most powerful men, and to all that are called gods. We shall not die We shall not utterly perish by the Chaldeans, though we shall suffer severely from them. Or, as Secker renders it, Let us not die. Thou hast ordained them for judgment Thou hast appointed the Chaldeans to execute thy judgments on sinners. And, O mighty God Whose sovereignty is unquestionable, and power irresistible; thou hast established them for correction The Hebrew is, thou hast founded them as a rock for correction, namely, of the Jewish people.

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