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Verses 12-14

Habakkuk 2:12-14. Wo to him that buildeth a town with blood Wo to those mighty conquerors who have augmented Babylon by unjustly spoiling and ruining many other cities, and destroying their inhabitants. Here we see that God does not approve of those mighty conquerors who ravage the world, or carry their arms into divers countries. Though he makes use of them for the wise purposes of his providence, in chastising or punishing the wicked, yet, amidst all the pomp of their victories, they are often hateful in his sight; and, while they are in the midst of their triumphs, he is preparing the sword to cut them off. What is said in this verse is applicable to all covetous, unjust, and oppressive methods whatever of raising a fortune. Behold, is it not of the Lord that the people shall labour in the very fire? &c. The latter part of the verse occurs with very little alteration Jeremiah 51:58, where the destruction of Babylon is described: see the note there. The sense is, All the pains which the Chaldeans have taken, in enlarging and beautifying their city, shall be lost in the flames, which shall consume their stately buildings; and nothing of all that they have obtained, or collected, by their toilsome victories, shall be of any use to them. For the earth shall be filled For God’s power and providence, in governing the world, shall conspicuously appear, and be widely displayed in the humiliation of Nebuchadnezzar, (Daniel 4:37,) in the downfall of the Chaldean empire, and the destruction of Babylon; especially as it is described in the prophets as an earnest and type of the fall of mystical Babylon, which will be a decisive stroke of divine justice, that will thoroughly vindicate oppressed truth and innocence, and open the way for the universal spread of true religion: see note on Isaiah 11:9.

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