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Verse 5

Zephaniah 3:5 . The just Lord is in the midst thereof Namely, of Jerusalem, and sees all these things. He will not do iniquity He is just and holy, and will do nothing but what is right; nor will he suffer wickedness to pass unpunished. Every morning doth he bring his judgment to light “The sense is, not a day passes but we see instances of his goodness to righteous men, and of his vengeance on the wicked.” Newcome. The expression, every morning, alludes to the custom of the Jews and neighbouring nations, who passed judgment only in the morning. He faileth not He never omits thus to act. But the unjust knew not shame The wicked continue to be hardened in their sins, and will not be induced to forsake them by any consideration, either of the baseness and evil of their conduct, or of the judgments of God continually inflicted on transgressors.

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