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Verse 8

Zephaniah 3:8. Therefore Rather, Nevertheless, wait ye upon me, saith the Lord “Notwithstanding these provocations, saith God, I exhort the godly among you to expect the fulfilment of the promises I have made, of restoring the Jewish nation to my wonted favour in the latter ages of the world: in order to which great crisis, I will execute remarkable judgments upon the unbelievers and disobedient.” Thus Lowth. It is very common with the prophets to subjoin the most comfortable promises to the most fearful threatenings, and, after having denounced the captivity, to foretel the deliverance of his people; but the prophet here seems to look further, even to the gospel times, and perhaps to the future and final restoration of the Jews. Until the day that I rise up to the prey Until, as an enemy, I rise up to destroy first, and next to take the spoil: as if he had said, Since you, by your sins, continue to be mine enemies; so I will, by my judgments, show myself in arms against you as your enemy, namely, by the Chaldeans, who shall invade your country, and destroy and spoil you. For my determination My fixed purpose, that which I have unalterably resolved on; is to gather the nations, &c. All that are subject to the Chaldean monarchy; with all that are confederate with, or tributary to, the king of Babylon; to pour upon them Upon the obstinate, incorrigible, and impious Jews first; mine indignation Which by their sins they have kindled against themselves; for all the earth Or, all the land, namely, the whole land of Judea, and her cities; shall be devoured Consumed, as if burned up; with the fire of my jealousy That jealousy wherewith God is concerned for his own glory, for his ordinances and statutes, which the Jewish people, their princes, prophets, and priests, had notoriously violated. Lowth thinks this may perhaps be meant of the same general summons which Joel speaks of, whereby the nations of the earth shall be gathered into the valley of Jehoshaphat: see notes on Joel 3:2; Joel 3:12.

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