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Verses 16-17

Zephaniah 3:16-17. In that day Or, time of restitution, when the captives shall return and be settled in their own land; it shall be said to Jerusalem By prophets, or by friends congratulating and encouraging them; Fear thou not Disquiet not yourselves with unnecessary fears, though you may apprehend some danger from Sanballat, Tobiah, and the Samaritans: see Nehemiah 4:1-2; and though you shall have troublesome times, Daniel 9:25. Let not thy hands be slack In the work of the Lord, in rebuilding the city and temple, and restoring the worship of God. The Lord Hebrew, Jehovah; thy God Thine in a covenant never to be repealed or forgotten; in the midst of thee is mighty He can and will restrain and destroy thine enemies, and support and defend his own people. He will save, &c. Will deliver thee from thy fears, and thine enemies’ rage. Will rejoice over thee with joy Will greatly rejoice in thee, and take pleasure in blessing and doing thee good. He will rest in his love Will continue peculiarly to love thee, and will take satisfaction in so doing. These promises also, in their full sense, belong only to the Christian Church, composed of converted Jews and Gentiles, and shall be completely fulfilled during the millennium, when believers will have, as it were, a heaven on earth.

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