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A.M. 3484. B.C. 520.

In this chapter we have a third vision;

(1,) In conformity to what was said Zechariah 1:16 , a man, or angel, appears with a measuring-line in his hand, going to take the dimensions of Jerusalem, in order to its being rebuilt, according to its former extent, Zechariah 2:1 , Zechariah 2:2 .

(2,) A message is delivered to the prophet, showing the great increase of its population and wealth, and its perfect security under the divine protection, Zechariah 2:3-5 .

(3,) The recall of the Jewish exiles from the north country, and the punishment of those that oppressed them, Zechariah 2:6-9 .

(4,) The return of God’s presence to dwell in Jerusalem, and the conversion of many heathen nations, Zechariah 2:10 , Zechariah 2:11 .

(5,) The reinstatement of Judah and Jerusalem in the full possession of all their ancient privileges; and a warning to all men not to prescribe to or limit God, but patiently to wait for the fulfilment of his promises, Zechariah 2:13 .

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