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A.M. 3484. B.C. 520.

In this chapter we have,

(1,) A vision of four chariots, drawn by horses of different colours, representing the four great empires of the world, rising in succession, and distinguishable, both by their order and by their attributes, Zechariah 6:1-8 .

(2,) The prophet is commanded by God, in the presence of witnesses, and for a memorial to them, to place a crown, or crowns, upon the head of Joshua the high-priest, thereby constituting him a type of Christ, the Branch, whom he proclaims, as about to come to build the spiritual temple of Jehovah, and to preside over it, both as king and priest, for the great purpose of peace, Zechariah 6:9-14 .

(3,) The accession of strangers to assist in building the temple is foretold, and given as a proof of the prophet’s divine mission, Zechariah 6:15 .

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Group of Brands