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Verse 8

Zechariah 6:8. Then cried he unto me, Behold, these that go toward the north Namely, the black horses, denoting the Persian empire; have quieted my spirit in the north country That is, by conquering the Babylonians, and executing upon them the punishment which they deserved for their cruelty and other crimes, they have satisfied the wrath which I had conceived against that people. So the LXX., ανεπαυσαν τον θυμον μου εν γη Βορρα , they have caused my wrath to cease in the land of the north. Instead of these that go toward the north, it would be better to translate the words, those who have gone toward the north; because it is spoken of the Persians overturning the Babylonian empire, which happened before the prophet was favoured with this vision.

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