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Verses 9-11

Zechariah 6:9-11. And the word of the Lord came unto me, &c. The prophet here proceeds to relate how he was favoured with another revelation, respecting a kingdom very different from the preceding; saying, Take of them of the captivity, &c. That is, receive from the captivity, from Heldai, from Tobijah, &c. The exiles who remained in Babylon, showed their regard for the temple that was then building, by sending their gifts and oblations to Jerusalem, for carrying on the work, and adorning the temple after it was built. These offerings, it is to be supposed, they sent about the time when the prophet had this vision, by the persons here named, as they did afterward by Ezra and his companions: see Ezra 7:16; Ezra 8:25-26. And go into the house of Josiah This was probably one who came from Babylon along with those before mentioned, namely, Heldai, &c.; for in other versions the words, which are come from Babylon, are put at the end of the verse. Then take silver and gold That is, receive from them silver and gold, namely, of that which they had brought for the service of the temple, from those who remained still in Babylon. And make crowns “That is, cause to be made by the artist.” Newcome, who observes that Josiah, above mentioned, was probably a worker in gold and silver. Some versions read, not crowns, but a crown. It seems, however, more probable, that “two crowns are here ordered to be made, and both of them to be placed upon the head of Joshua; to signify that the Messiah, the branch, spoken of in the next verse, of whom Joshua was a type, should be both a king and a priest, and so should have a right to wear the two crowns that belonged to these offices. One crown was probably made of silver, and the other of gold; or both silver and gold might be used on the same crown; the silver denoting the human nature of the Messiah, and the gold the divine; or the former the exercise of his offices of priest and king on earth, and the latter the exercise of them in heaven. Or, as some think more probable, both crowns were made of gold, and the silver was employed for some different sacred use, especially as the high-priest’s crown, inscribed with HOLINESS TO THE LORD, was to be entirely made of pure gold.

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