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A.M. 3486. B.C. 518.

In this chapter,

(1,) A case of conscience is proposed to the prophet, by some Jews sent from a distant place, concerning fasting, namely, whether they should continue to observe their annual fasts in the fifth and seventh months, which had been appointed on the occasion of the destruction of Jerusalem and the ensuing captivity, Zechariah 7:1-3 .

(2,) The prophet reproves them sharply for their selfish and carnal manner of observing their fasts, regardless of the instructions which God had given them by former prophets, Zechariah 7:4-7 .

(3,) He reminds them how they had been exhorted to the practice of justice, mercy, and love toward each other, how obstinately their fathers had hardened their hearts, and how God, in wrath, rejected their prayers, destroyed or scattered them, and laid their land utterly desolate, Zechariah 7:8-14 .

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