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Verse 3

Zechariah 8:3. I am returned unto Zion “I have punished her infidelities with all the rigour of despised and abused love; but, though sensible of her fault, my tenderness has continued, and my love is rekindled for her, upon her change in conduct, and return in true repentance to me. I have received her, restored my love to her, and will render to her my former kindnesses.” And will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem Once more, as of old, I will manifest my presence and fix my residence there: according to my promise, repeated to my people, Jerusalem shall be my dwelling-place: see the note on Zechariah 2:10. Jerusalem shall be called, A city of truth That is, it shall be such: the truth of God shall be known, believed, loved, and adhered to therein; the true God, and he only, shall be worshipped there, and that in sincerity and truth, and in the manner which he hath prescribed. Its citizens shall love and speak the truth, shall practise and execute true justice and judgment, and be faithful to Jehovah; and the mountain of the Lord, The holy mountain On account of the pure and holy worship performed there, and the holy conduct of its inhabitants. We see a shadow of the accomplishment of this prophecy in the Jews, after their return from captivity; but this faithful city, this city of truth and holiness, in the strictness of the letter, is no other than the Christian Church, that chaste and faithful spouse of Jesus Christ, Ephesians 5:27.

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