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Verse 23

Zechariah 8:23. In those days ten men That is, many men, a definite number being put for an indefinite. Out of all languages of the nations From many different and remote countries, no nation being any longer excluded; shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew Christians are sometimes called by the name of Jews, as being confessors of the true religion, and those to whom the promises, made to the fathers of the Jewish nation, chiefly belong. In this sense especially the word is here to be taken. To take hold of another is a gesture of entreating his friendly assistance: see the notes on Isaiah 3:6; Isaiah 4:1. The meaning of the passage, therefore, is, that the heathen should apply themselves to the Christians, particularly to Christian pastors and ministers, for instruction, in order to qualify themselves for admittance into the church.

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