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Verses 12-13

Malachi 1:12-13. But ye O priests, and the people, by your example; have profaned it Namely, my great name. You have used it as a common thing, and as of no importance or consideration. In that ye say Namely, by your deportment; The table of the Lord is polluted Not a sacred thing, or a thing to be revered; and the fruit thereof, his meat, is contemptible Either the meat which fell to the priests’ share, or the portion which was laid upon the altar. They were neither pleased with that which the Lord reserved for himself, nor with that which he gave to them, but they found fault with both; the latter, in particular, they termed contemptible, a poor, sordid allowance, scarce fit for meaner persons and less service. Ye said also To the sins before mentioned, the priests chiefly, and the people with them, added this also, that they openly complained of God’s service. Behold what a weariness What a toil and drudgery is it to observe every point of the law! Ye have complained of the constant attendance upon my altar as a wearisome employment. And ye have snuffed Have expressed your disgust, at it. And ye have brought that which was torn Ye have brought into the temple, for victims, that which had been torn by wild beasts, &c. It was forbidden even to eat in common that which had been torn, Exodus 22:31, and therefore nothing could show higher contempt than to bring such things for offerings to God.

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