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Verse 14

Malachi 1:14. But cursed be the deceiver The hypocrite, that deceives man, and seems as if he would be glad to deceive God; the false heart, that intends one thing and pretends another, would appear to offer a sacrifice of the best, but puts God off with the worst. Which hath in his flock a male A perfect male, such as God requireth; and sacrificeth unto the Lord a corrupt thing Such as the Lord hath declared he will not accept. The former reproofs related only to the priests; here the prophet reproves those in general who showed a contempt of God by vowing unto him, upon any occasion, the worst of their flock. It seems to be spoken of such offerings as any of the people, of their own accord, vowed to God: see Leviticus 22:19. And if they did not think fit to vow such things as God directed, they would have done less dishonour to him not to have vowed at all. For I am a great King, saith the Lord, and my name is, or shall be, dreadful As God is the great King over all the earth, and will be acknowledged as such among the Gentiles under the gospel, (Malachi 1:11,) so men’s religious services ought to be performed with a reverence suitable to the greatness of his majesty.

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