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Verse 7

Malachi 3:7. Even from the days of your fathers, &c. Here the discourse is again addressed to the wicked, and from hence to the end of Mal 3:12 the people are reprehended for slighting the institutions of divine worship, and for withholding the legal tithes and oblations; are assured that they are under a curse for these violations of the law, and that an opposite conduct would bring on them the divine blessing. Ye are gone away from mine ordinances Those which directed you respecting my worship, or your dealings one with another. Return unto me Namely, by repentance, and amendment of life; and I will return to you I will pardon and accept you, and bestow my blessings upon you. But ye said Or, ye say, Wherein shall we return? You persist to justify yourselves, and inquire what it is you are to repent of? as if your crimes were not most notorious and shameful. And your words, or at least your actions, show that you have no sense of, nor remorse for, your former sins, nor any purpose of forsaking them.

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