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A.M. 4000.

This chapter represents,

(1,) The solicitous inquiry of some wise Gentiles after Christ, with the information and direction given them by King Herod, Matthew 2:1-8 .

(2,) Their guidance to him at Bethlehem by a star; their worship of and liberal donations to him, and their return homeward, Matthew 2:9-12 .

(3,) The divinely-directed flight of Christ and his parents into Egypt, to avoid the intended cruelty of Herod, Matthew 2:13-15 .

(4,) Herod’s barbarous murder of the infants about Bethlehem, in order to murder Christ among them, Matthew 2:16-18 .

(5,) Christ and his parents, divinely inspired, return from Egypt to the land of Israel, and retire to Nazareth in Galilee, Matthew 2:19-23 .

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