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A.M. 4035. A.D. 31.

In this and the following chapters we have our Lord’s much-famed sermon on the mount, consisting of three parts. In the first of these, contained in this chapter, we have,

(1,) A description of, and a sweet invitation to true holiness and happiness, Matthew 5:3-12 .

(2,) The character and duty of Christ’s disciples, who, being possessed themselves of his holy and happy religion, are exhorted to impart it to others, and obey his irrevocable law, Matthew 5:13-20 .

(3,) An exposition of the principal precepts of the moral law, and a vindication of them from the corrupt glosses of the scribes and Pharisees, particularly with respect to murder, Matthew 5:21-26: uncleanness, Matthew 5:27-32: swearing, Matthew 5:33-37: retaliation, Matthew 5:38-42: and love to mankind, Matthew 5:43-48 .

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