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Verse 19

Matthew 5:19. Whosoever therefore shall break Shall himself transgress in his practice, or pervert and weaken by his doctrine, one of these least commandments, and teach men so Shall direct or encourage men to do the same, or shall teach them, either by word or example, that the obligation of these commands is dissolved; he shall be called Or, shall be accounted one of the least, and unworthiest members in the kingdom of heaven Or, Church of the Messiah, and shall soon be entirely cut off from it, as unfit for so holy a society, and shall have no part in the church triumphant. “There is in the text a figure, which the rhetoricians call μειωσις , diminution, often elegantly used to convey a strong idea. Thus, Galatians 5:21, They which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God, that is, shall be severely punished.” Macknight. But whosoever shall do and teach them, &c. Whosoever shall himself carefully practise these precepts of the law, and other parts of the divine word, and shall inculcate their universal obligation, shall be greatly rewarded.

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