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A.M. 4035. A.D. 31.

Christ, on his return to Capernaum,

(1,) cures a paralytic, who was let down through the roof of the house, Matthew 9:1-8 .

(2,) He calls Matthew, eats and converses freely with publicans and sinners, and vindicates his conduct in so doing, Matthew 9:9-13 .

(3,) Reasons in defence of his disciples, who were blamed for not fasting, after the example of the Pharisees, Matthew 9:14-17 .

(4,) Heals a diseased woman, and restores to life a ruler’s daughter, Matthew 9:18-26 .

(5,) He gives sight to two blind men, Matthew 9:27-31 .

(6,) Dispossesses a demoniac, Matthew 9:32-34 .

(7,) Goes through the cities and villages, teaching and working miracles; and, being greatly affected with the state of darkness and sin in which the Jewish people now were, directs his disciples to pray for instructers to be raised up and sent to them, Matthew 9:35-38 .

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