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Verses 3-8

Matthew 9:3-8 . Behold, certain of the scribes, (Luke adds, and Pharisees,) said within themselves That is, in their hearts, This man blasphemeth Attributing to himself a power (that of forgiving sins) which belongs to God only. And Jesus, knowing their thoughts, which, it appears, they did not openly declare, (for Mark says, Mark 2:8, He perceived in his spirit that they so reasoned within themselves,) said: Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts Namely, concerning me, on account of these words which I have spoken? For whether is easier, &c. Do not both of them argue a divine power? Therefore: if I can heal his disease, I can forgive his sins, especially as his disease is the consequence of his sins, therefore these must be taken away, if that is. But that ye may know May have evident proof, that the Son of man hath power on earth Even in his state of humiliation, to forgive sins; then (turning from them) he saith to the sick of the palsy, Arise, &c., and he arose Thus Jesus gave the Pharisees a twofold demonstration of his divinity: 1st, by showing that he knew their thoughts; for to search the hearts and know the thoughts of mankind is not in the power either of men or angels, but is the prerogative of God only; 2dly, by assuming to himself, and manifesting undeniably, that he possessed power to forgive sins. But when the multitude saw it, they marvelled They were all amazed, says Mark, and glorified God, &c. So, what was to the scribes an occasion of blaspheming, was to the people an incitement to praise God.

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