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Verses 13-15

Matthew 13:13-15. Therefore speak I to them in parables, because they seeing, see not In pursuance of this general rule, I do not give more knowledge to this people, because they use not that which they have already: having all the means of seeing, hearing, and understanding, they use none of them; they do not effectually see, or hear, or understand any thing. For instance, seeing my miracles, which are incontestable proofs of my divine mission, they are not convinced thereby that I am their long-expected Messiah: and hearing my discourses, they are not instructed by what they hear in the design of my coming, and the nature of my kingdom. Neither do they understand My doctrine. And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias Which indeed was principally intended of the men of this generation. See note on Isaiah 6:9-10. Which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand Or rather, as the words are more properly rendered, ye will hear, but in nowise understand; that is, ye will surely hear; opportunities of hearing, all possible means of instruction, will be given you; yet they will profit you nothing. For this people’s heart is waxed gross Επαχυνθη , is waxed fat, is sensual, stupid, and insensible. And their ears are dull of hearing Βαρεως ηκουσαν , they hear heavily, or with heavy ears, like persons half asleep. And their eyes they have closed Namely, against the light. Observe, they themselves have done it, not God. In other words, They have benumbed or shut up all their spiritual senses, lest at any time they should see with their eyes That light of divine knowledge which would put them to pain; and should hear with their ears Those sacred truths which would convince them of sin; and should understand with their heart Their real condition of guilt and depravity; and should be converted Effectually turned to God in true repentance, living faith, and new obedience; and I should heal them Of their spiritual diseases. They are unwilling to understand the things of God, and afraid, not desirous, that he should heal their souls, and save them from their sins.

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