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A.M. 4036. A.D. 32.


(1,) The Pharisees again demand a sign, and Christ upbraids them with hypocrisy in so doing, Matthew 16:1-4 .

(2,) He cautions his disciples against the leaven of their doctrine, and that of the Sadducees, Matthew 16:5-12 .

(3,) He converses with his disciples concerning himself, as the Christ, and concerning his church built upon him, its foundation, Matthew 16:13-20 .

(4,) He foretels his own sufferings, and rebukes Peter for questioning his prediction, Matthew 16:21-23 .

(5,) He inculcates on his disciples the necessity of self-denial, and of a readiness to suffer martyrdom in his cause, in prospect of a future reward, Matthew 16:24-28 .

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