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A.M. 4036. A.D. 32.

In this chapter

(1,) Christ teaches humility by the emblem of a little child, Mat 18:1-4

(2,) He inculcates attention and affection for his poor despised followers, and warns against giving them offence, or causing them to stumble in the way to the kingdom, Matthew 18:5 , Matthew 18:6 .

(3,) He deplores the misery of mankind, because of offences, whether given or taken, and pronounces a wo on that man by whom any offence cometh; and directs rather to part with any object, however useful or pleasant, than retain it when it becomes an occasion of stumbling, Matthew 18:7-9 .

(4,) Cautions against despising any of God’s poor people, whose great dignity he shows, Matthew 18:10 , Matthew 18:11 .

(5,) He illustrates his care of his people by the parable of a lost sheep, Matthew 18:12-14 .

(6,) Directs how to reprove and reclaim an offending brother, Matthew 18:15-17 .

(7,) Commits the exercise of discipline in his church to his ministers, and gives special promises of being present with those who meet in his name, and of answering their united prayers, Matthew 18:18-20 .

(8,) Inculcates perseverance in forgiving injuries, by the parable of a king, and his conduct toward a servant who was deeply indebted to him, Matthew 18:21-35 .

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