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Verses 24-27

Matthew 18:24-27. One was brought who owed him ten thousand talents That is, according to the lowest computation, about two millions sterling. But it is probable, as the Prussian editors say, that the ten thousand talents are here put for an immense sum. Hereby our Lord intimates the vast number and weight of our offences against God, and our utter incapacity of making him any satisfaction. As he had not to pay Was utterly unable to discharge this immense debt; his lord commanded him to be sold, and his wife and children, &c. Such was the power which creditors had over insolvent debtors in several countries of Europe, as well as Asia, in ancient times; and payment to be made With the price of them, as far as it would go. The servant, therefore, fell down and worshipped him That is, prostrated himself at his master’s feet; saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all The confusion he was in made him say this without consideration; for the debt which he owed was a sum by far too great for any one, who had nothing, ever to think of acquiring. Then the Lord of that servant Being of an exceeding generous and merciful disposition; was moved with compassion Was touched with his distress, and ordered him to be loosed; and forgave him the debt Discharged him from all obligation to pay it, on condition of his future good behaviour.

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