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A.M. 4037. A.D. 33.

Jesus leaves Galilee and comes into the coasts of Judea, where he is attended by great multitudes, whose sick he heals, Matthew 19:1 , Matthew 19:2 . He declares against divorces, except in the case of adultery, and discourses with his disciples concerning marriage, Matthew 19:3-12 . He kindly receives and blesses some little children that were brought to him, Matthew 19:13-15 . He discourses with a rich young man applying to him for direction in the way to eternal life, Matthew 19:16-22 . Christ takes occasion from his case to caution his disciples concerning the danger of riches, Matthew 19:23-26 ; and promises a great reward to those who forsake all to follow him, Matthew 19:27-30 .

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