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A.M. 4037. A.D. 33.

This chapter brings us to the last week of Christ’s life.

(1,) He enters Jerusalem in triumph, amid the loud acclamations of the people, Matthew 21:1-11 .

(2,) As the head of the church, he again expels the buyers and sellers from the temple, Matthew 21:12-16 .

(3,) In causing the barren fig-tree to wither by his word, he showed what would quickly happen to the Jewish Church and nation, Matthew 21:17-22 .

(4,) He justifies his own authority by appealing to the baptism of John, which his enemies did not dare to say was of human origin, Matthew 21:23-27 .

(5,) He exposes the infidelity and impenitence of the chief priests and elders by the repentance of the publicans, illustrated in the parable of the two sons, Matthew 21:28-32 .

(6,) He foretels the dreadful doom of the Jewish Church, for its unfruitfulness, in the parable of the vineyard let out to husbandmen, Matthew 21:33-46 .

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