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Verses 12-14

Matthew 21:12-14. And Jesus went into the temple He did not go up to the court, or to the palace, though he came in as a king; but to the temple; for his kingdom is spiritual, and not of this world. It is in holy things that he rules, and in the temple of God that he exercises authority. And cast out them that sold and bought Namely, doves and oxen for sacrifice. He had cast them out three years before, (John 2:14,) bidding them not make that house a house of merchandise: upon the repetition of the offence, he uses sharper words; In the temple That is, in the outer court of it, where the Gentiles used to worship. The money-changers The exchangers of foreign money into current coin, which those who came from distant parts might want to offer for the service of the temple. And said unto them As he turned them out, It is written Namely, Isaiah 56:7, My house shall be called a house of prayer To all nations, Mark 11:17. That is, a place to which they shall resort for the performance of religious worship: but ye have made it a den of thieves A harbour of wicked men; a place where traffic is carried on by persons of the most infamous character, who live by deceit and oppression, and practise the vilest extortion, even in the house of the most righteous and blessed God. “Let it be observed, that the word rendered temple here, is ιερον , not ναος . By the latter word was meant properly the house, including only the vestibule, the holy place or sanctuary, and the most holy. Whereas the former comprehended all the courts. It was in the outermost court that this sort of traffic was exercised. For want of a name, in European languages, peculiar to each, these two are confounded in most modern translations. To the ναος , or temple, strictly so called, none of those people had access, not even our Lord himself, because not of the posterity of Aaron.” Campbell. And the blind and lame Having heard of his arrival in the city, and requested their friends to lead them to the place where he was; came to him in the temple, and he healed them In the presence of all the people. “Many such afflicted persons would, no doubt, be waiting in the several avenues of the temple to ask alms, at a time when there would be such a vast concourse of people: and there seems a peculiar propriety in our Lord’s multiplying these astonishing miracles, both to vindicate the extraordinary act of authority he had just been performing, and to make this his last visit to Jerusalem as convincing as possible, that those who would not submit to him might be left so much the more inexcusable.” Doddridge.

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