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A.M. 4037. A.D. 33.

In this chapter we have a prophetical discourse concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish nation, for their many and great crimes, and especially for their rejecting and crucifying the Son of God; which calamity came upon them about forty years after. Here is

(1,) The occasion of this discourse, Matthew 24:1-3 .

(2,) The discourse itself, in which is contained the preceding signs of the awful event the appearance of false Christs, Matthew 24:5: wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes 6- 8: the persecution of the apostles and others of Christ’s followers, Matthew 24:9: the apostacy of many from the truth, Matthew 24:10-13: preaching of the gospel to all nations, Matthew 24:14: the approach of the Roman armies to the city, and their besieging it, Matthew 24:15-18: the miseries of that period, Matthew 24:19-22 . A caution against being deceived by false Christs and false prophets, Matthew 24:23-26 . That these calamities should come suddenly and unexpectedly, and effect the total destruction of the Jewish Church and commonwealth, and be a type and figure of the consummation of all things, Matthew 24:27-31 . An illustration of the whole by a parable, Matthew 24:32 , Matthew 24:33 . The certainty of the events, and the application of the prophecy, for the awakening of his disciples, that they might prepare for them, Matthew 24:34-51 .

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