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Verses 57-58

Matthew 26:57-58. And they led him away to Caiaphas From Annas, the father-in-law of Caiaphas, to whom they had carried him first; where the scribes and the elders Or chief members of the sanhedrim; were assembled Doubtless by a summons from Caiaphas, and were waiting for Jesus to be brought before them. But Peter followed him afar off Variously agitated by conflicting passions: love constrained him to follow his Master; fear made him follow him afar off. Unto the high-priest’s palace Or, the court of the high-priest’s house, as Campbell translates it. From Matthew 26:69, as well as from what we are told in the other gospels, it is evident that Peter was only in the court without, which, though enclosed on all sides, was open above, nor was it any wise extraordinary to kindle a fire in such a place. And went in and sat with the servants Των υπηρετων , rather, with the officers, the servants of the public, or official servants of those in authority, as the word commonly means. These were unfit companions for Peter, as the event showed.

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