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A.M. 4037.. A.D. 33.

In this chapter we have,

(1,) The prosecution of Christ. He is early delivered up to Pilate, the Roman governor, Matthew 27:1 , Matthew 27:2 . Judas avows him to be innocent; and, in desperate grief, hangs himself, Matthew 27:3-5 . The chief priests buy a field with the money which had been given to Judas for his treachery, and which he had returned, Matthew 27:6-10 . Jesus is arraigned and tried before Pilate, Matthew 27:11-14 . Pilate, notwithstanding his conviction of Christ’s innocency, and his wife’s dream and warning, sentences him to be crucified, Matthew 27:15-26 .

(2,) The execution of Christ. His barbarous usage in the common hall, and being led to the place of execution, Matthew 27:27-33 . He is crucified, insulted, and reviled, Matthew 27:34-44 . An awful darkness covers the land, Jesus calls upon his Father, is offered vinegar to drink, and expires, Matthew 27:45-50 .

(3,) The prodigies which accompanied and followed his death, Matthew 27:51-53 . He is acknowledged as the Son of God by the centurion and others, Matthew 27:54 . Several women behold his crucifixion, Matthew 27:55 , Matthew 27:56 .

(4,) His honourable burial by Joseph of Arimathea; and the malice of the Jewish rulers, in setting a watch on his grave, Matthew 27:57-66 .

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