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Verses 1-2

Mark 2:1-2. And again After having been in desert places for same time, he returned privately to Capernaum. It was noised that he was in the house The rumour immediately spread, that he was come to the city, and was in Peter’s house. And straightway many were gathered together His arrival was no sooner known than such a multitude was gathered together that the house could not contain them; nor even the court before the door. Hitherto the general impression on their hearts continued. Hitherto, even at Capernaum, most of those who heard, received the word with joy. And he preached the word unto them He preached to as many as could hear him; and among the rest, as we learn, Luke 5:17, to many Pharisees and teachers of the law, who on the report of his miracles were come from all quarters to see his works, and judge of his pretensions.

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