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A.M. 4035. A.D. 31.

This chapter coincides with Matthew 10:12 .

(1,) The Pharisees, hating him, consult together how they may destroy him for his healing a man’s withered hand on the sabbath, Mark 3:1-6 .

(2,) Great multitudes resort to him from all parts, having been informed of his astonishing miracles: the sick are healed, and devils are dispossessed and forbidden to confess him, Mark 3:7-12 .

(3,) He ordains twelve disciples to be his constant attendants, and to preach the gospel, Mark 3:13-21 .

(4,) He refutes the blasphemous pretence that he wrought his miracles by collusion with the devil; and warns the blasphemers of their danger, Mark 3:22-30 .

(5,) He declares his disciples to be his nearest and dearest relations, Mark 3:31-35 .

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