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Verses 6-12

Mark 3:6-12. And the Pharisees went forth, &c. From Matthew’s observing that they held a council against him, it seems probable that those of them, with the scribes, who were present at this miracle, were members of the sanhedrim, or great council; with the Herodians As bitter as they and the Pharisees usually were against each other. How they might destroy him For to such a pitch was their anger raised, that nothing but his life would satisfy them. But Jesus withdrew himself Knowing their designs, he retired into Galilee, where he preached the word, and wrought so many miracles, that his fame was spread abroad more than ever, and great multitudes were gathered round him from all parts; not only from Judea, but from Idumea, the natives of which had now professed the Jewish religion above one hundred and fifty years; and from beyond Jordan The regions that lay east of that river; and they about Tyre and Sidon The Israelites who lived in those coasts. And he spake, that a small ship should wait on him Should be in readiness near him; because of the multitude which was now flocking around him; lest they should throng him Namely, in a manner that would be very inconvenient to him, and would prevent great numbers from either seeing his miracles or hearing his discourses. For he had healed many Matthew, he healed them all, namely, that applied to him. Insomuch that they pressed upon him Gr. ωστε επιπιπτειν αυτω , so that they rushed, or fell upon him. The expression signifies, that they were ready to drive each other upon him, so that those nearer him could hardly stand, being pressed forward by those behind. For to touch him, as many as had plagues Gr. μαστιγας , scourges, as the word properly signifies. Those very painful and afflictive disorders seem to be intended, which were frequently sent, or at least permitted of God, as a scourge or punishment of sin. And unclean spirits That is, those who were possessed by them when they saw him Even though they had been entire strangers to him; fell down before him In a posture of submission and homage; and cried, saying, Thou art the Son of God That is, the true Messiah that was to come into the world. And he charged them that they should not make him known It was not the time yet; nor were they fit preachers. For a further explanation of this passage, see notes on Matthew 12:14-21.

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