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Verses 14-16

Mark 6:14-16. And King Herod (the tetrarch; see notes on Matthew 2:1; Mat 14:1 ) heard of him While the apostles were making their circuit about the country, proclaiming everywhere the glories of their great Master, and working miracles in his name, information concerning him and his marvellous works came to the ears of King Herod; for his name was spread abroad And reached many places far more distant than the court of Herod, Matthew 4:24-25. And he said, that John the Baptist was risen from the dead This his own guilty conscience suggested, and he could not forbear speaking of it to those that were about him. Others said, That it is Elias; and others, That it is a prophet It is easy to account for the opinion of those who, upon Christ’s appearing in this part of the country, began to take notice of his miracles, and, being struck with them, imagined that he was Elias, or one of the prophets. For they expected that Elias would actually descend from heaven, and usher in the Messiah, Matthew 16:14; and that one of the prophets was to be raised from the dead for the same end. But when Herod heard thereof Of their various judgments concerning Jesus; he still said, It is John, whom I beheaded, &c. The suggestions of his guilty conscience were too powerful to be removed by the flattery of his servants; and he persevered in affirming that it was certainly John whom he had beheaded, and that he was risen from the dead.

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