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Verses 35-40

Mark 10:35-40. And James and John come to him, saying By their mother, (see Matthew 20:20,) for it was she, not they, that uttered the words: Master, we would that thou shouldest do, &c. Here, again, the disciples show their utter ignorance of the prophecies, and of their Master’s kingdom, by an action which likewise discovered, in the clearest manner, the temper of mind they were in, and the motives from which they followed Christ. They seem to have fancied that by his resurrection, after his sufferings, was meant, his taking possession of the great empire which they believed he was come to erect; and therefore they no sooner heard him mention his rising from the dead, than they came and begged the favour of him, that he would confer on them the chief posts in his kingdom. This they expressed by asking to be seated, the one on his right hand, the other on his left, in allusion to his late promise of placing the twelve apostles on twelve thrones, to judge the tribes. But Jesus said, Ye know not what ye ask Ye know not that ye are asking for sufferings, which must needs pave the way to glory. Can ye drink of the cup Can ye bear the inward sufferings which I must undergo? and be baptized with the baptism Can ye endure the outward sufferings which await me? Our Lord was filled with sufferings within, and covered with them without. They said, We can Being greatly moved with the prospect of the dignities which they were aspiring after, they replied without hesitation, that they were able to drink of his cup, that is, to undergo any hardship with their Master, which he might suffer in the way to his kingdom. Jesus said, Ye shall indeed drink of the cup, &c. Ye shall certainly share with me in my lot, which they accordingly did. See on Matthew 20:20-23. But to sit on my right hand, &c., is not mine to give, but to them for whom it is prepared Them who, by patient continuance in well-doing, seek for glory, and honour, and immortality. For these only eternal life is prepared. To these only he will give it in that day; and to every man his own reward, according to his own labour.

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