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Verse 11

Mark 13:11. Take no thought what ye shall speak Be not solicitous beforehand what ye shall say in your defence, to vindicate yourselves and your religion from the unrighteous charges and aspersions of your enemies. But whatsoever shall be given you And strongly suggested to your minds; in that hour, that speak ye Boldly and resolutely; for it is not you that speak, but the Holy Ghost Who shall assuredly direct, and even dictate to you what you shall say at such times. For, as it is really my cause in which you are engaged, therefore, though you are ignorant and unlearned men, and so may be apprehensive you shall be confounded in the presence of persons who are, in rank and education, so much your superiors; yet depend upon it, I will give you such wisdom and eloquence, that your persecutors shall be even astonished at the freedom and propriety with which you shall express yourselves, according to the various occasions which arise. See notes on Matthew 10:19; Luke 21:14-18.

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