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Verses 22-28

Mark 15:22-28. They bring him, unto the place Golgotha See these verses elucidated in the notes on Matthew 27:33-44. When they had crucified him, they parted his garments Mark seems to intimate, that they first nailed him to the cross, then parted his garments, and afterward reared up the cross. The English word to crucify, denotes properly, to put to death by nailing to the cross; but the Greek word σταυροω , here used, means no more than to fasten to the cross with nails. In strict propriety, we should not say, a man cried out after he was crucified, but after he was nailed to the cross. And it was the third hour Or nine o’clock in the morning, when they thus brought him to mount Calvary. John says, it was about the sixth hour, even when he was condemned to be crucified. “But then, it must be observed, that the Greek manuscripts produced by Camerarius, Beza, and R. Stephanus, read in John, ωσει τριτη , about the third hour; that Nonnus seems to have read so, his paraphrase running after this manner, the third hour was not yet past; that Theophylact contends it ought to be so read, and that because the three other evangelists unanimously say that the darkness began at the sixth hour, which yet began not, till after our Lord had hung upon the cross some considerable time; till after the soldiers had divided his garments, the Jews had mocked him, and bid him come down from the cross, and the discourse had passed between the two thieves among themselves, and between the repenting thief and our Lord. And lastly, the author of the Constantinopolitan Chronicle saith expressly, that the exacter copies, and the manuscript of St. John, kept till his time at Ephesus, read ωρα ωσει τριτη , about the third hour. See Jerome on Psalms 77:0. And the change from γ , the third, to ζ , the sixth, is so easy, that this may very reasonably be owned in the later copies of John’s gospel; especially if we consider how punctual Mark is in the enumeration of the hours, saying, it was the third hour, and they crucified him, or began to lead him away to be crucified; and, Mark 15:33, when the sixth hour was come, from that time there was darkness over the whole land till the ninth hour; and, Mark 15:34, at the ninth hour Jesus expired.” Whitby. And the scripture was fulfilled Namely, Isaiah 53:12, And he was numbered with the transgressors The prophet thus speaking with amazing plainness of the sufferings of the Messiah.

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