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Verses 45-47

Mark 15:45-47. And he gave the body to Joseph Pilate gave Joseph leave to take down the body, and do with it what he pleased, the priests either not knowing that he was disposed to make such a grant, or being so influenced that they did not oppose his making it. And he bought fine linen Thus showing in what great estimation he held Jesus; and took him down Mangled and macerated as his body was; and wrapped it in the linen As a treasure of great worth; and laid it in a sepulchre To perform this necessary service God raised up this man at a time when none of Christ’s disciples had courage or ability to undertake such a thing. See note on Matthew 27:60. And Mary Magdalene, &c; beheld Greek, εθεωρουν , carefully observed where he was laid, having followed those who took down and carried away the body. They were thus particular in observing where the corpse was placed, because of the design they had formed of coming and embalming the body as soon as the sabbath should be over, there not being time to do it before it commenced.

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