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A.M. 4037. A.D. 33.

In this chapter, which coincides with Matthew 28:0 ., we have a short account of the resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus,

(1,) The two Marys and Salome come early in the morning to the sepulchre, bringing sweet spices to embalm the body of Jesus, Mark 16:1-4 .

(2,) They see an angel, who assures them of the resurrection of Christ, and sends them to acquaint his disciples with it, Mark 16:5-8 .

(3,) He appears to Mary Magdalene, who immediately goes and informs the disciples of it, Mark 16:9-11 .

(4,) He appears to the two disciples going to Emmaus, who give an account of it to their brethren, Mark 16:12 , Mark 16:13 .

(5,) In the evening of the same day, he appears to the eleven, and, after upbraiding them with their unbelief, commissions them to preach the gospel to all mankind, promising to endue them with power to confirm their doctrine by miracles, Mark 16:14-18 .

(6,) He ascends into heaven; and the apostles go forth and engage in their work, in which God owns them, and renders it successful, Mark 16:19 , Mark 16:20 .

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