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Verse 7

Mark 16:7. Go your way, tell his disciples, &c. The kindness of this message will appear above all praise, if we call to mind the late behaviour of the persons to whom it was sent. They had every one of them forsaken Jesus in his greatest extremity; but he graciously forgave them, and, to assure them of their pardon, called them by the endearing name of his brethren, John 20:17. And Peter Though he so oft denied his Lord. What amazing goodness was this! “Peter is here named, not as prince of the apostles, as the Papists think him, but, as the fathers say, for his consolation, to take off the scruple which might lie upon his spirit, whether, after his three-fold denial of his Master, he had not forfeited his right to be one of his disciples.” Whitby. See notes on Matthew 28:7-10.

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