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Verses 25-33

Luke 2:25-33. Behold there was a man, &c. There was now in Jerusalem one Simeon, venerable on account of his age, piety, and virtue. For, he was just and devout Righteous toward his fellow-creatures, and holy toward God; waiting for the consolation of Israel A common phrase for the Messiah, who was to be the everlasting consolation of the Israel of God. And the Holy Ghost was upon him That is, as the word here signifies, he was a prophet. And it was revealed unto him, &c. God, in reward of his piety, had favoured him so highly as to assure him by a particular revelation, that he should not die till he had seen the Messiah. And he came by the Spirit into the temple That is, by a secret but powerful direction and impulse of the Holy Spirit; when the parents brought in the child Jesus Just at that very juncture of time when they brought him into the court of Israel there. Then took he him up in his arms Having discovered him by the supernatural illumination with which he was favoured; and blessed God, and said Aloud, it seems, in the hearing of all the people then present; Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, &c. Let me depart hence with the satisfaction of having seen the Messiah, according to the gracious promise thou wast pleased to make me. This good old man, having attained that which had long been his highest wish, the happiness of seeing God’s Messiah, and having no further use for life, desired immediate death. Yet he would not depart of himself, knowing that man cannot lawfully desert his station till God, who placed him therein, calls him off. For mine eyes have seen thy salvation Thy Christ, the Saviour. Simeon, being well acquainted with the prophetic writings, knew from them that the Messiah was to be the author of a great salvation, which, because it had its origin in the wisdom, power, and love of God, he refers to him; and, putting the abstract for the concrete, or the effect for the cause, he terms the Messiah God’s salvation. Thus, God is called, our defence, our song, our hope; that is, our defender, the subject of our song, the object of our hope. Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people Here it appears that Simeon knew that this salvation was not confined to the Jews, but was designed for all mankind. A light to lighten the Gentiles Who then sat in darkness, and who were to receive the knowledge of God, of true religion, and of divine things in general, especially of a future state, through him; and the glory of thy people Israel It was an honour to the Jewish nation, that the Messiah sprung from one of their tribes, and was born, lived, and died among them. And of those who were Israelites indeed, of the spiritual Israel, he was indeed the glory, and will be so to all eternity, Isaiah 60:19. For in him shall the seed of Israel be justified and shall glory, Isaiah 45:25. And Joseph and his (Jesus’s) mother marvelled at those things which were spoken For they did not yet thoroughly understand them; or they marvelled how Simeon, a stranger, came to the knowledge of the child.

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