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Verses 34-35

Luke 2:34-35. And Simeon blessed them Namely, Joseph and Mary. He pronounced them blessed who had the honour to be related to this child, and were intrusted with the bringing him up. He prayed for them, that God would bless them, and, doubtless, wished others to do the same. Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel As he shall, in fact, be the means of bringing aggravated ruin upon some through their rejecting him; as well as of procuring salvation and recovery to others, on their believing on him. In other words, He will be a savour of death to some, to unbelievers: a savour of life to others, to believers. Simeon here alludes to Isaiah 8:14; and Isaiah 28:16; which passages Paul has joined in one citation. Behold, I lay in Zion a stumbling-stone, and a rock of offence, and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. And for a sign which shall be spoken against A sign from God, yet rejected of men; or a mark to be shot at; the butt of the malice of wicked men. Yea, a sword Ρομφαια , a javelin, or dart; shall pierce through thy own soul also The darts that are shot at thy son shall pierce thee to the heart; the calumnies, persecutions, and sufferings which he shall be exposed to, especially in his death, shall prove matter of the greatest affliction to thee, and shall sting thee with the bitterest griefs; that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed All these things are ordered by Providence, that the real characters of men may be discovered, and the sincerity of those who are approved may be made manifest; while the hypocrisy and earthly- mindedness of those who intend only their own secular advantage, under the specious pretence of waiting for the Messiah’s kingdom, shall be exposed; for they will soon be offended at the obscure form of his appearance, and at the persecutions which will attend him and his cause.

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