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Verses 33-37

Luke 4:33-37. See this paragraph explained at large in the notes on Mark 1:23-28. What have we to do with thee Thy present business is with men, not with devils. I know thee who thou art But did he, did even the prince of devils know Jesus, some time before, when he dared to say to him, Luke 4:6, All this power is delivered to me, and to whomsoever I will I give it? The Holy One of God Either this confession was extorted from him by terror, (for the devils believe and tremble,) or, he made it with a design to render the character of Christ suspected. And Jesus rebuked him The Holy One of God was a title of the Messiah, Psalms 16:10; but Jesus did not allow the devils to give it him, for the reason mentioned in the notes on Mark 1:25; Mark 1:34. Possibly, however, it was from hence the Pharisees took occasion to say, He casteth out devils by the prince of devils. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst That is, had cast him down on the ground, the effect of this possession being an epilepsy.

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