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Verses 10-11

1 Peter 4:10-11. As every man hath received the gift Or, a gift, spiritual or temporal, ordinary or extraordinary, (although the latter seems primarily intended,) so minister the same one to another Employ that gift for the common good; as good stewards of the manifold grace of God Of the talents wherewith his free love has intrusted you. If any man speak In public assemblies, or in the social meetings of his Christian brethren; let him speak as the oracles of God Let all his words be according to that pattern, both as to matter and manner, and more especially when he speaks in public. By this mark we may always know who are, so far, the true or false prophets. The oracles of God teach that men should repent, believe, and obey; he that treats of faith, and leaves out repentance, and fruits worthy of repentance; or treats of repentance and its fruits, but omits inculcating faith; or who does not enjoin practical holiness to believers, does not speak as the oracles of God; he does not preach Christ, let him think as highly of himself as he will. If any man minister Serve his brother in love, whether in temporal or spiritual things; let him do it as of the ability which God giveth That is, humbly and diligently, ascribing all his power to God, and using it with his might; that God in all things Whether of nature or of grace; may be glorified through Jesus Christ The wise dispenser of these gifts; to whom As our great Redeemer and Saviour; be praise and dominion Greek, η δοξα και το κρατος , the glory of them, and the power of dispensing them; or the glory of his wisdom, which teaches us to speak, and the might which enables us to act.

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