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Verse 3

Genesis 46:3. I am God, the God of thy father True to the covenant made with him. Fear not to go down into Egypt It seems though Jacob, upon the first intelligence of Joseph’s life and glory in Egypt, resolved, without any hesitation, I will go and see him, yet, upon second thoughts, he saw difficulties in Gen 2:1 st, He was one hundred and thirty years old; it was a long journey, and he was unfit to travel. 2d, He feared lest his sons should be tainted with the idolatry of Egypt, and forget the God of their fathers. 3d, Probably he thought of what God had said to Abraham concerning the bondage and affliction of his seed. 4th, He could not think of laying his bones in Egypt. But whatever his discouragements were, this was enough to answer them all, Fear not to go down into Egypt.

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