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A.M. 2513. B.C. 1491.

In this chapter,

(1,) God satisfies Moses as to his complaints, Exodus 6:1 .

(2,) He gives him fuller instructions what to say to the children of Israel, Exodus 6:2-8 , but to little purpose, Exodus 6:9 .

(3,) He sends him again to Pharaoh, Exodus 6:10 , Exodus 6:11 . But Moses objects against that,

12, upon which a strict charge is given to him and his brother, to execute their commission with vigour, Exodus 6:13 .

(4,) An abstract of the genealogy of the tribes of Reuben and Simeon, to introduce that of Levi, that the pedigree of Moses and Aaron might be cleared, Exodus 6:14-27 .

(5,) A repetition of the preceding story, Exodus 6:28-30 .

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