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Chapter 12 Summary

In this chapter, we have, I. Christ's clearing of the law of the fourth commandment concerning the sabbath-day, and vindicating it from some superstitious notions advanced by the Jewish teachers; showing that works of necessity and mercy are to be done on that day, Matt. 12:1-13. II. The prudence, humility, and self-denial of our Lord Jesus in working his miracles, Matt. 12:14-21. III. Christ's answer to the blasphemous cavils and calumnies of the scribes and Pharisees, who imputed his casting out devils to a compact with the devil, Matt. 12:22-37. IV. Christ's reply to a tempting demand of the scribes and Pharisees, challenging him to show them a sign from heaven, Matt. 12:38-45. V. Christ's judgment about his kindred and relations, Matt. 12:46-50.

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