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Genesis 8:4-18 - Homiletics

Mount Ararat, or the landing of the ark.

That disembarkment on the mountain heights of Ararat was an emblem of another landing which shall yet take place, when the great gospel ship of the Christian Church shall plant its living freight of redeemed souls upon the hills of heaven. Everything that Mount Ararat witnessed on that eventful day will yet be more conspicuously displayed in the sight of God's believing people who shall be counted worthy of eternal life.

I. SIN PUNISHED . Mount Ararat was a solemn witness to the severity of Goad ' s judgments upon a guilty world . Never had the world looked on such a vindication of the insulted holiness and offended justice of Almighty God, and never will it look upon another till the hour strikes when "the heavens, being on fire, shall dissolve" ( 2 Peter 3:10 ), and "the Lord himself shall be revealed in flaming fire" ( 2 Thessalonians 1:7 ).

II. GRACE REVEALED . Mount Ararat saw Divine grace displayed to sinful mere . Pre-eminently Noah and his family were debtors to Divine grace that day when they stepped forth from the ark; add who can doubt that a sense of the richness of Divine grace in saving them will be one of the first feelings to take possession of the souls of the ransomed on reaching heaven?

III. SALVATION ENJOYED . Mount Ararat beheld salvation enjoyed by believing sinners . The deliverance of Noah and his family was a type of the salvation of the saints, which, however, is immeasurably grander than that of Noah.

1. In kind , as being a spiritual, and not merely a temporal, deliverance.

2. In degree, as being complete; whereas Noah's was at the best an imperfect deliverance—a deliverance from the Flood, but not from that which caused the Flood—sin.

3. In duration . Noah's deliverance was only for a time—in the end he descended to the grave; the deliverance of the saints is for ever ( Luke 20:36 ).

IV. GRATITUDE EXPRESSED . Mount Ararat heard the adorations and thanksgivings of a redeemed family . In Noah's sacrifice was a wonderful commingling of ideas and emotions,—

all of which will have a place within the bosoms of the ransomed host who yet shall sit upon the sea of glass. If not the offering up of sacrificial victims, as the expression of the soul's faith, there will be

V. SAFETY CONFIRMED . Mount Ararat listened to the voice of God confirming the salvation of his people . In two ways was it confirmed.

And so is the eternal happiness of God's believing people secured

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