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Genesis 12:8 - Exposition

And he removed— literally, caused (i.e. his tent) to be broken up (cf. Genesis 26:22 from thence —no cause for which being assigned, the hostility of his neighbors (Luther, Calvin) and the commencement of the famine (Alford, Keil) have been conjectured as the probable reasons— unto a (literally, the) mountain east of Bethel . Here proleptically named "house of God," being called in the time of Abram Luz ( Genesis 28:19 ). Its present name is Beitin. And pitched his tent (of. Genesis 9:21 ), having Bethel on the west —literally, sea-ward, the Mediterranean being the western boundary of Palestine (cf. Genesis 28:14 ; Exodus 10:19 ; Exodus 26:22 ; Ezekiel 48:1 , Ezekiel 48:2 )— and Hai Ai ( עַי ; עַיָּא , Nehemiah 11:31 ; עַיָּת , Isaiah 10:28 ); with the article, because signifying "the heap of ruins," near which it was no doubt built; the scene of the first Israelitish defeat under Joshua ( Genesis 7:2 ): its ruins still exist under the name of Medinet Gai— on the east (about five miles from Bethel): and there he builded an altar unto the Lord ( vide supra ) , and called upon the name of the Lord ( vide Genesis 4:26 ).

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